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New Album "Waiting in the Wings" releases Nov 12th 2017

Excited for the next few days: had our first mega-band rehearsal for Nov 12th, last night... a few of the great pics captured by Anthony Bailey of Blue Star!

Next up: I did an interview with Thomas Erwin and Talkin About The Passion, comes out on Wednesday. This includes a sneak listen to another track "I'm Your Television" from the new record.

Thursday at 8pm: Dj Mike Pollack will be playing a couple songs on his show (incl. "Vassagonia") Progressive Tracks on Progzilla Radio, which will also be aired on local KPTZ (Port Townsend, WA) over the weekend.

Looking forward to Nov 12th! hope you can join us at High Dive in Seattle. w/ Moraine and Niagara Moon!

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