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  Michael Trew is a songwriter, native to the Pacific Northwest. In early years, he spent time with teacher Chandana Dixit, exploring classical Indian music. He later formed indie rock group Autumn Electric, releasing five albums and touring nationally (2008-2015). During this time he performed as opener for European artist Marius Ziska, during his US tour. 
      In 2016, Michael signed with Natural Cut Records to record his debut solo effort, Waiting in the Wings.  Recording in the wintry mountains of northern Washington, much of the album focused on acoustic music he'd been writing and saving for several years.  Many close friends were called in to perform, write and arrange the various orchestral and experimental rock textures.  Released in fall of 2017, the album received warm reviews, and drew comparisons to the melodic and expansive rock of The Moody Blues and Big Big Train.  A tour of the western United States followed in early 2018, along with appearances at Seattle's oldest and newest music festivals (Northwest Folklife Festival & Upstream Festival 2)

      During the recording of the album, Michael began a new collaboration with friends from the Seattle area.  The result was Moon Letters.  Fans of Autumn Electric may find some continuation of Trew's songcraft there, paired with the demanding and psychedelic melodies of his new band-mates.  A debut LP is planned for early 2019.  

Other Projects:

- Bassist in the kindie-rock group Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies (2011-present)

- Vocals/Flute in Progressive Rock group Moon Letters (2016-present)

- Keyboards/Vocals/Flute, in The HZ.  (2011-present)

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